Bright Colors

tiedyedrobe.jpgDon’t we have enough projects? Why are we doing this?

Lance was skeptical when I told him I wanted to tie-dye flannel instead of buying fabric to sew a duvet cover for Sophie and Owen. Then I told him I wanted to perfect my technique on some old white t-shirts; well, that changed everything. It wasn’t long before we were both stained with dye up to our elbows.

After we had tied up all the clean t-shirts, jogging bras, underwear and sports socks we could find, we started to hunt around the house for new material. My bathrobe was thelargest canvas we could find. It really looks great here. We left it sitting for four hours; actually it was doing more dripping than sitting; the dark shapes seeped in every direction making the edges pretty blurry. The turquoise and green faded in the rinse, but the reds and pinks stayed bright and the unpainted spots didn’t end up tinged with pink.

Sophie had so much fun she wants to have a tie-dye party in the backyard for her birthday. I love the idea of buying white t-shirts for everyone instead of cheap, plastic goodie-bag toys.


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