This felted bag started out as a cable sweater for Lance but for various reasons, the project was shelved when I arrived at the armpits.

The project sat unfinished in a basket for months until I suddenly remembered a bag I’d seen at last year’s Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat created by Leigh Radford in the Teacher’s Gallery. She felted an oversized men’s red cabled sweater; check out AlterKNITS to see a photo of it.

Normally, I wouldn’t put this much work into a felted tote, but I’d wanted one this large for a while, and it seemed a shame to rip out all that knitting, so I decided to finish it off with a mitered bottom. The pattern was knit with Cascade EcoWool; despite the fact that it wasn’t knit on very large needles, it still felted quickly.

When I was at Madrona this year, I saw Leigh Radford in front of the elevator. I told her about my felted bag, inspired by hers.


What I failed to realize at the time was that she designed the original sweater pattern which I knit for myself before starting Lance’s version; it was published in the Fall 2002 Interweave Knits.


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