Tie-Dye Gumbo

Cross another WIP off my list: Owen’s tie-dye duvet cover is complete.





shirts.jpgThis project gives me more satisfaction than most of my other projects because it was such a deparature from my comfort zone. I am not comfortable driving a sewing machine; when I was seven, my mother helped me to sew a dress for my doll; it was the ugliest piece of work I’d ever seen. I promptly discarded the doll with her ugly dress, never to touch them again. Clearly, I come by my perfectionist streak honestly; it started way down in the depths of my being. My mother has always been a talented seamstress, sewing her first suit and her wedding outfit. She continues to make fantastic outfits for Sophie and Owen.

For that reason, I’ve left the sewing to my mother and tried out other creative pursuits. I have sewn over the years, but it was always through clenched teeth and with a lot of swearing thrown in for good measure.

Owen’s duvet cover was a little different. My mother recently gave me her old sewing machine since she upgraded to a professional model, and I approached this project with an enthusiasm I hadn’t felt before. Don’t get me wrong; there was a moment when I needed to calculate some measurements that I started to vent a little frustration because I couldn’t just plunk down at the machine. Lance started to question why I was tackling yet another new project, but I explained that beauty can not exist without a little pain. I knew the pride of completing something so large and so functional would be worth it in the end.

When I finally sat down in front of the machine, the sewing went smoothly; the machine operated without a hitch and I actually enjoyed it. Good thing I did, because the pieces for Sophie’s duvet cover are ironed, cut, measured and folded in our dining room waiting for their turn at the machine.


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