A Study in Form: Crochet Flowers

Inspired by Applehead‘s 100 Crochet Flower Scarf, I decided to learn to crochet a couple of months ago. Since I was so new to the form, I really couldn’t make sense of the instructions for her flower, so decided to explore all of the variations I could find.


My explorations led me to two conclusions:
1. no other flower will do
2. Crochet with wool is far too sticky; a cotton/silk blend is much easier
3. The first and last petal always look wonky because I can’t connect it up at the end

None of the shapes I found online, or invented really pleased me; they were either too large, or too complex. I want something small using a dk weight yarn so I can string them together to make a sweet scarf.

This left me no choice but to return to Marianne’s pattern and work at it until my flower looked like hers.


Fifteen flowers later, I think they look pretty close, but I will not have enough yarn to make one hundred flowers.


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  1. 1 mariannealice Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 11:25 am

    hmm I’m only guessing from the picture but the last petal problem has something to do with those last 3ch and sl st part. Maybe skip the last three chain (or just try one or 2) and then slip st into the base of the first petal? Although if you’ve made 15 you’ve probably tried all of the options anyway! Just wish I was a bit closer so that I could take a look! I think that you could make a great scarf using a mix of all of your different flowers…and you also wouldn’t have to worry about mixing all sorts of wool types and colours!

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