Two Three Birds in One Day

A work-in-progress finished:


The 100 Crochet Flower Scarf, made with only 22 flowers. Ran out of yarn, but really just the right length for me. Any longer and it would dangling in the squash soup.

This project was so fast it didn’t even have time to make it on to the project pages. I thought of it this morning and it was finished by noon. For the record, that never happens to me. I spend a good deal of time stewing, mulling, gathering, and procrastinating. This time I knew exactly what I wanted to make and actually had all of the materials at hand so I could just start.


My mother bought a new digital camera last week, which didn’t come with a case. I thought it would be nice to whip something up for her, as a thank you gift for being so great. I used scraps from my fulled dog pillow project and a zipper that was in my sewing.

I started by needle felting the design, then sewed on the zippers just in time for my mother to walk in the door, twenty minutes earlier than she had predicted. I so wanted to finish it before she arrived, but since I was using her hand-me-down machine, I was having trouble getting the sewing machine to work through two layers of felt, her timing was perfect. Rather than sewing a straight stitch down the sides, she used an overcast stitch that bound the two pieces together along the edge, as if she was finishing the edges of a frayed fabric.

Lance thinks this is a lovely little bag, but a poor camera case; he is worried that loose fibers will make their way into the mechanics of the camera. The next version will be lined.

I almost forgot a new block print:


In honor of my father’s birthday next week, I made this block print for him. It was part of a gift that included a denim shirt embroidered with a guitar on the chest. He’s a swell dad whose been working hard to learn the guitar in his retirement; he is working so hard I thought he deserved two guitars.


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  1. 1 Linda Friday, March 9, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    Ooooh!! The trees are FAB!

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