Burning Trees and Monkey Sleeping Bags

I had so much fun creating my mother’s camera case yesterday that I started needle felting again this morning on one of the long scraps I left on the table.


These two trees face each other, with their roots at either end of the piece of felt. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet because of their orientation. I like them as a pair, so I may just have to sew them to each other as a long skinny tote bag. Any other ideas are welcome.

I made three pieces of wet felt today, but none of them were dry enough for photographing when the light was still good.


On Tuesday, Heidi gave me a fantastic Japanese felting book she picked up at Uwajimaya. Cheap and full of great instructions. She said they had a great selection of crafting booklets; sounds like a field trip to me! Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of a vase, purse and box inspired by this book.


Owen’s stomach continues to reject his dinner, so he was home “sick” today. Most times I wish he would act a little more “sick” when he is out from school so he can get healthy instead of tormenting Zeke, but today he was happy to felt with me. It might have been a show for Melissa, who stopped in to visit for a bit, but he seemed truly interested in making his own piece of felt.


After he went to bed, I turned his piece of flat felt into a sleeping bag for his favorite stuffed monkey, Coco. Sewing zippers on homemade felt is a pain in the butt, especially when the felt was made with less-than-rigorous quality control. The needle-felted “C” was added out of necessity to cover a bare patch that would tear sooner than later; the seam binding was added for the same reason.


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