Frog Prints

I can’t believe it is finally done. This behemoth took so much longer than Owen’s duvet cover, mostly because I decided to finish all of the internal seams properly by overcasting each one. I also broke up the strips into smaller pieces, creating more of a piece-meal effect.


Overall, I love how the colors work together. The big chenille frog appliqués look great as a counterpoint to the little frog print. The whole piece represents hours and hours of work from tie-dyeing and overdyeing the plain flannel, to harvesting the frogs from a recycled shower curtain, to sewing it all together. I worked for nine straight hours on it Monday (thanks Lance for taking care of dinner, bedtimes and running to Feral Knitters for me), and then another three hours on Tuesday to finish it up (sorry to the Fiber Gallery Knitters for skipping, but I just had to finish).


I’d like to say I’m ready to retire the sewing machine, but I’ve got a pair of jeans ready to patch and the kids have been asking for more lunch bags.

First, it is time to fold some laundry; we’ve been dressing straight out of the laundry hamper for a week because the dining room table was too full of fabric to do any folding. Then maybe pick up the knitting? Oohh. What about some more felting?


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  1. 1 Christene / Sheepspyjamas Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 6:13 pm

    Frog Prints, love it, love it *grin*! And quite pretty too, nice job (sewing seems quite foreign to these knitting fingers, but quality will show :*)

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