Reading Cables

Now that my dining room table is cleared of all sewing detritus, it is safe to pick up my knitting again. Rogue came out of the bag where it had been hiding since Wintergrass.


It took six tries before I was able to get my needles going in the right direction on the right front


(is that stage right, as I wear it; or right as you face me), but once they were properly situated, it started to fly.


I love the simplicity of the side cables.

A friend has started a new bookclub; we held the inaugural meeting of the Knapsu Readers this week. I needed something simple to bring with me, so picked up the sleeve from Café Bastille Cables.


Instead of knitting it flat as I did the last time, I’m trying knitting in the round using magic loop. I’m not sure what will happen when I get to the sleeve cap, nor how hard it will be to seam it in the round to the body of the sweater, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


Lorette posted a great tip for keeping track of your sleeve increases. Attach the total number of increases to your cast-on tail, and then mark them in your knitting as you go. Keeping track of 9 increases every six rows drives me crazy! Luckily the cable on the sleeve crosses every six rows, so I know my increase is the row after the cable cross, but the markers make it easy to keep track of how many more increases I need.


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