Missing Tanks

You know spring the bug is biting when my kids pull out their flip-flops, and I start to daydream about knitting sleeveless pieces. Seattle knitters can vouch for the lovely, warm day we had on Wednesday, which made me think about what I would wear this summer when we spend a month in New Hampshire with Lance’s family.

Last spring I knit two great pieces, which I tried to find in my archives today, but they seem to have escaped. The leftover yarn bits from Michelle Sorensen’s Baccarat Player Tank went into the crochet flower scarf. Not only could I not find the page I’m sure I created, I couldn’t find a decent shot that showed the beautiful drape of the yarn and lovely shaping of the garment.


This was the best that I could get. It is hard to believe that I don’t have a better picture because I wore it all summer. I’m tempted to knit another one because it is a bit bigger than I’d like, but still comfortable and elegant.


My other favorite tank last summer was Tivoli by Grumperina. Again, I’m astonished that I don’t have a better picture showing the excellent fit and simple construction of this tank, which couldn’t get any more comfortable. I’m tempted to re-knit this one in a smaller size as well since the ample armholes require layering another tank to prevent unsightly bra exposure.


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