Zeke the Wunder Hund

An article in Make magazine inspired me to try making my own t-shirts using freezer paper stencils. This tutorial was extremely helpful, particularly the bit about keeping the white cutouts and ironing them on after the master stencil was in place.


This image seemed like a perfect candidate for converting to a two-color graphic.


A little fiddling in Photoshop removed the color and blurred the fine detail. This tutorial, plus the discussion on the Flickr Freezer Paper Stencil Pool helped me figure out just what to do.

Clearly, blogging for me is all about documenting the process, so here goes:



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  1. 1 Christy / Not Hip Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    That came out great! What a striking dog. I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful

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