Super Grandma

I’m not sure who needed the boost more today – me or my kids – but there is no disputing that at 3:30, we were all dragging our heels acting like all the joy was gone from the world.

Suddenly, I remembered my mother said she was going to leave two gift bags on the front porch for Sophie and Owen’s birthdays; she suggested I might want to keep them hidden away until May 5th. I decided the gifts would bring us more joy right now.


When I was leaving for Vancouver to sew my cape, Sophie and Owen lobbied for their own capes, but something closer to a superhero version than mine. My mother got to work on a something that would reflect their distinct personalities.


On two separate trips to the fabric store, Owen picked out a cotton covered in football players in action. My mother and I both had this in our stash, so she made him a reversible cape with football on one side, and fish on the other. He also got a pair of shorts out of the deal. I’m not sure he will ever take these off.


Sophie loves bright colors, lots of patterns and she loves to feel her skirts twirl. My mother found some batik cotton to make a skirt, and pieced together several different cottons to make her reversible cape. She already owns several summer outfits in these fabrics, so it was a sure bet that she would like these choices for her cape.


Don’t you just get happy looking at them? Thanks for making our day Grandma. You are the best!


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  1. 1 Blair Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    I really hope I’m exactly that kind of grandma. look at those smiles!

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