Sweet Potato Stamp

There has been lots of kid art recently, though I haven’t captured much of it on film.


Sophie made a great series of paper purses, folded and taped together. One of them has “purse for sale” written in marker on the side.


Owen came home with a vegetable sculpture he made at school using a sweet potato and some toothpicks. Other sculptures included radish and celery. Owen told me he just wanted to eat the celery, so it didn’t make it on to his “rocket ship”.

As soon as we made it inside, he headed straight for our drawer of miscellanea, looking for the pumpkin carving tools (tiny little orange and black handled saws and awls).

“What are you going to do with the tools?” I asked him.
“Cut a bigger door on my rocket”, he answered.
“I’m worried you will cut yourself with the saw”, I cautioned.
He replied with a combination of nonchalance and confidence “That is a risk I’m willing to take”. What a guy. He showed me the cut on his finger that happened at school. “It hurt a little, but it was more surprising than painful.”


After he fiddled with the inadequate saws, I suggested turning his sculpture into a block print. We pulled out some ink and a brayer, discovering quickly that it is hard to make the end of a sweet potato flat enough for an even print. Even so, it was one more little piece in his art education.


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  1. 1 Theresa Neinas Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    What a small world. I was googling images of lino block prints and the little ghost tickled me and looked somewhat familiar so I clicked on the sight and did alittle reading….. I was the instuctor at the museum of glass that month, so of course they were familiar, nice work!
    Hope you all keep it up!

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