Portrait of a Dog

One of Lance’s oldest friends, Keith McCarthy, visited us last week while on his spring break from teaching 6th grade English in Rockport, MA. I decided to play with a picture of his dogs, Toby and Pickles, to see if I could create an image similar to Zeke’s shirt.


This photo was taken at 3am, as Keith prepared to drive our family of four to the Logan Airport last August. It is amazing how much you can fit in a Mazda 3; I had more shoulder room in the back seat of his car than in the Suburban that picked us up when we arrived in Boston, and I didn’t have any suitcases under my feet. Sophie and Owen are besotted in their love for Toby and Pickles, miracle siblings from the same litter. Did you know a dog can bear pups from two separate sires in the same litter?


To create the image for the stencil, I selected the dogs, removed the color from the image, smoothed out the image and then reduced it to a two-color image. Ultimately, the lines around Pickles were too confusing, so I decided to just paint Toby. A great tutorial for freezer paper stencil can be found on Neither Hip Nor Funky.


The end result is a little corgi/chihuahua on my hip.


2 Responses to “Portrait of a Dog”

  1. 1 Janine Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 7:26 am

    Fantastic!!! And I meant to comment that I just loved Owen’s exploration of sweet potato possibilities yesterday.

  2. 2 Keith Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 9:40 am

    That is so cool! I love it! And I really like the original picture of Sophie with T and P. Any chance you might be able to email it?

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