Tree Huggers

Jeremy Carlson’s birthday is forever burned on my memory: he was born on the very first Earth Day, April 22nd 1970. If the world could have voted for someone to be born on this day, they would have chosen Jeremy, or his wife Erika, the ultimate tree-huggers. 


It seemed appropriate to use my own red tree design to create his stencil.

Not a reflection on how special she is, but I managed to entirely forget their daughter’s birthday. If only she had been born a little after Jeremy’s birthday, then I would stand a better chance of remembering, but birthdays are really hard for me. There is something about the pressure to perform on a specific day that ends up sabotaging my best-laid plans. Some day I’m going to sit down to do some deep soul searching and the origins of my birthday complex, but suffice it to say that I was chagrined to realize, while I was speaking to Erika on the phone, that I had forgotten her daughter’s second birthday. Ugggh (that is the sound of my heart sinking to the floor).


Anna is the lucky recipient of my children’s hand-me-downs, many of which were lovingly made by my mother. This green long sleeve shirt was worn by both Sophie and Owen when they were three, and managed to survive two messy eaters without any major stains (few shirts have earned that distinction). When creating a shirt for Anna, I decided to recycle this shirt and add an ostrich stencil as a patch for a little extra color. Angry Chicken has great tips for making this process more solid than my slap-dash version.

I buy 100% of my children’s clothes used at consignment stores, Goodwill or yard sales because I can buy nice clothes without laying out lots of money for first run retail prices. However, there are times when necessity dictates a different path, and when necessary, buying quality is the best option. When we lived in New Hampshire and the three closest consignment stores were an hour away in three different directions, I decided to order three identical shirts for Sophie from Land’s End. Four years later, these shirts still look brand new, despite heavy wearing by two active children. They were the most expensive shirts I’ve ever bought, but they were worth every penny. Betz White, a fashion industry insider, wrote a post in honor of Earth Day expounding on the wastefulness and hype built into the marketplace. In her follow-up post, she mentions working for a company with a super employee discount so she could buy clothes that last for her boys. Which company would that be? Land’s End. Strange but true.


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    Good for you for doing something good for the world! Check out this post from a friend about an exceptionally passionate effort at the same:

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