Super Sunday

Weekends are usually my time for creating, and this weekend was no exception. I created two felt projects on Saturday that deserve their own post. First, I want to catalog the variety of things I accomplished on Sunday, an amazing day because it started with absolute silence. What a sweet sound. My curiosity got me out of bed more than anything else. Looking around, I found no sign of children, husband or breakfast. Hmmm. Call Lance’s cell phone, but no answer.

The remnants of a hastily tossed together needle felting project from Saturday night were still on the table, so I sat down to finish up.


I was trying to create a felt brooch to hold together a shawl I was wearing to a school event. The pieces were needle felted together, and a brooch backing sewn to the back. By the time I took it off before bed, two of the leaves were hanging on by a fiber; some repairs were needed to give it more structure.


The pieces of this felt flower were also on the table. It began in March after buying some silk to layer on top of felt. The inspiration for this technique came from a British fiber artist.

Suddenly the children burst through the front door, followed closely by Lance. He took them to Sunset Bowl at 7:45 am for early morning 10 pin. Did you know it only costs $0.79/game between 7-8am on Sunday? Sophie had a coupon from school, so she and Owen bowled for free. They stopped on the way to buy bagels, a quart of orange juice, a bag of mini carrots and a cucumber, so they could munch and play at the same time. As a special treat for me, they bought an angel food cake and strawberries, which they served as soon as they got home. How can you beat angel food cake for breakfast?

When the excitement died down, I showered while everyone else went outside. By the time I was dressed, the family was fully engrossed in mowing the lawn so they could play croquet (they did a fantastic job of mowing, trimming and raking front, back and parking strip – yeah team).


Not ready to let go of my quiet time, I crossed two more items off my to-do list: hang two pieces of flat felt that were getting dingy with dog hair as they fell to the floor over and over.

One remaining piece of flat felt really didn’t seem wall-worthy, so I sewed it up into a basket.


Using a technique I first tried here.

I think we stopped for lunch at some point, and then Lance took both kids to watch him play softball in Lynnwood. That gave me two more hours all to myself.


Two more lunch bags for Sophie and Owen, first tried here, checked off the list.


Family still gone…I think it is time to sit down and knit. Ahhhh.


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  1. 1 kristin Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    i could hang out here all night…but it’s late…off to bed. what wonderful creative work you do!

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