Presents Both Ways

For her birthday, Sophie asked her friends not to bring gifts. Instead, she asked that they bring something they found in nature, or something they made. “People never get things that you really want”, she complained a few weeks before her birthday, “so I’d rather that brought something that was really from them”. Smart kid.


On the way to the bowling alley, where Sophie chose to celebrate with three friends, the girls tried to guess what Bobby would bring. “I bet I know”, Sophie announced, “he’s going to draw me a picture of a robot”. She was right, a robot and a rocket made out of pine cones (two little pine cones glued to the bottom were the blasters).


Marlene made window stickers and Madeleine made a ruffled tissue paper peony. Sophie was delighted by their creativity.

Owen’s friend Theo made him a gift too, but he’s a private kid, so he asked me not to put up any pictures. Suffice it to say that secret communication between the Greenwood and Montlake neighborhoods has been enabled thanks to the power of scotch tape, fabric and chopsticks.


In lieu of goodie bags, I made stenciled bowling t-shirts for everyone. The lady working behind the counter that morning at Sunset Bowl was so impressed with the shirts, she came to ask us about them on two separate occasions. She wanted to know if they could be done with white ink on a sweatshirt. Anything goes!



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