Poetry Night

Poetry Night is an annual event at Salmon Bay Elementary, the school where my daughter attends the first grade. It takes place towards the end of April, in honor of National Poetry Month. The students read and write poetry for weeks before the event, and then are invited to recite original or published works of poetry.

It seems my daughter has inherited some performance genes, most visible in my brother, TJ Dawe. She begged and begged to attend this event, held at bedtime on a school night. She wrote nine poems the week before the big event. These two were my favorites:

by Sophie Adams

sophie-selfportrait.jpgLaundry is done by
Washing machine
By hand in your sink
Or wash basin down by the river

My Coat
by Sophie Adams

My coat is warm,
Cats on the inside,
Purple on the outside

Megan, parent and volunteer coordinator read the stunning ode to spoonerism: Rindercella. A frequent victim of twisted tongue syndrome, I appreciate bringing this common malady to public attention.

For several months, the school has endured recurring infestations of lice. One parent was inspired to describe her experience: 

Lice, a Love Poem
by Robin Lofstrom

Oh no, they’re here!  (Or they’re back, God forbid!)
Those nasty creepy crawlies are crawling on my kid!
It’s not that I mind them living on us,
It’s just when they’re here we all make such a fuss.

The laundry at my house gets piled into rooms.
And suddenly my palace starts to feel like a tomb.
We can’t go out and expose you guys to this chore,
You need me to do my job; I need you to do yours.

So it’s home that we stay, and we nitpick and sit,
And at first we do not like it, not one little bit.
Then we realize, suddenly, that we’re talking much more.
We’re sitting and chatting and looking for more.

More lice, oh, of course.  Here’s a nit overlooked!
And a nymph, oh my goodness, he appears to be hooked.
But as we’re looking for more lice we are also together,
And I’m sure we can manage – this we can weather.

The attention I’ve paid to my kids and their hair,
Has gotten us, strangely, to a place where somewhere,
The nitpicking’s brought us closer, and that’s when I think:
I don’t mind lice so much!  (Nudge, nudge, and wink wink.)

As a fan of the written word and spoken word, I’m tickled that this student body is cultivating a love of language. Let’s hope this is just a springboard for further pursuits.


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