Shiny Rocks

These mosaics line the fence next to our driveway where I park my car. An otherwise bare strip of old fence and concrete is brightened signifcantly by these rocks each time I unload the groceries, open the heavy doors of our old Volvo for the little ones, or take out the recycling.


We created these mosaics in 2002 as a Father’s Day present for my dad, in the weeks after Owen’s birth. I vividly remember limping and wincing around Bedrock, having just delivered a 10 lb 10 oz baby, carrying Owen in a sling, trying to decide on what type of rock to buy, and how much recycled glass we needed. In the end, I think I threw up my hands and retreated to the car, letting Lance make all the selections because I was in too much pain to stand for long.

If you’ve been to Bedrock, you know the tumbled glass is more expensive than the mixed bags, so he bought a little bit of the large chunky tumbled glass, and lots of the tiny, assorted colored glass chips. He spent hours and hours sorting through the chips with tweezers, trying to separate them by color before laying out the rocks. I say “he” because it was a joint project in theory, but I did a lot of pointing and suggesting from my position on the couch with a baby in one arm and toddler in the other.


My parents decided to put the rocks in their front lawn so the neighbors could admire them as they strolled by on their evening walks. It wasn’t long before they started to sink into the soil and the grass began to obscure the designs. When they sold their house in 2004, we dug the stones out of the lawn and brought them back here to our house where I enjoy them every day.

 Note: We spread thinset, which is a concrete-like compound, directly onto the rock and then placed the glass into it. This meant we didn’t need to apply mortar after we were done. The glass is slightly raised above the surface of the compound.


4 Responses to “Shiny Rocks”

  1. 1 stephanie s Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    those are wonderful, i love the dragonfly the best i think…. and, i have met you… a 10lb, 10oz baby is, well, admirable, to say the least….

  2. 2 Jen Witsoe Friday, June 22, 2007 at 8:46 am

    As a regular visitor to your house, I enjoy the mosaics too. But what I think I enjoy most is knowing how you did them together, as a family, so I thank you for posting the story for inspiration.

  3. 3 oldflowers4me Wednesday, July 4, 2007 at 4:22 pm

    darling girl- i just came passed to say hello- and to say those skirts are divine.your world is beautiful. love jo

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