Tactile’s Birthday Contest

There is nothing like meeting the producers of the fine products you use, but even nicer is making the connection and realizing that you already knew them. When I first started writing this blog, there was a very gracious commenter who seemed to notice everything I wrote and always had the most encouraging things to say. Her name was Maia and she was a spinner. She wrote her own blog, which I started following after she left a few comments.

Last February, when I attended the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat, I spent lots of time browsing the booth of Tactile Fiber Arts. They had such beautiful fibers, dyed in a gorgeous array of colors using only natural dyes. I’d never used any blended fibers, but I couldn’t resist the colors. Suddenly, Maia returned to her booth and we had an aha moment. She recognized me from my blog, I connected the company with the blogger and all of a sudden it felt really good to spend all my money right there.


I made two scarves as soon as I returned home and was delighted with the resulting felt. It is soft, supple and has a subtle sheen. The finished piece has a lacy almost ethereal quality as the fibers channel into the dips in my bubble wrap, but I see this as a feature. It was so lovely I didn’t post it for sale, but moved it immediately to my personal collection.


The second piece was listed in November and sold right away in the flurry of holiday purchases.


Now that I knew just how lovely these fibers were to use, I snapped up several more hanks when I returned to Madrona this year. I haven’t busted them out of their wrappers yet, but it won’t be long as Tactile Fibers has announced a second birthday contest. If you haven’t tried their fiber, don’t wait. If you already know how great it is, send in some photos. I’m planning to make some flat pieces of felt to sew into drop spindle holders. Oooh. I can’t wait to get soapy.


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