Artwalk Wrap-Up

The coolest thing about our neighborhood is the number of community events that take place just blocks from our doorstep. Let’s start with a short list: farmer’s market, beer taste, wine taste, home renovation fair, a summer children’s parade, hot-rod car show, street fair, lots of block parties and last but not least, the Greenwood Phinney ArtWalk.


This was my first year participating, slipping in through the back door as an invited guest by one of the businesses, as opposed to a juried artist assigned to a business.  I was invited by the sweetest little children’s store, my personal favorite store from the time my daughter was just a wee one, Rising Stars, to display some felt art in their playroom along with printmaker, Yoshi Nakagawa.

Not sure what to expect from the crowd and the event, I brought a mixture of items: five pieces of felt art, a large assortment of felt balls, felt flowers and brooches, kits and handouts for my upcoming summer felt camp.


After living on the edge of the Phinney neighborhood for close to five years, attending two neighborhood preschools, participating in a neighborhood babysitting co-op and teaching felting classes from my home, I was delighted to see so many friendly, smiling faces walk through the door. All night long, an endless parade of friends, students, children and colleagues stopped in to say hello, see what I had brought and give me their encouragement. The evening was like one long hug.


I wish I could say that I sold every piece I hung Friday afternoon, but the reality is that the experience was much more valuable than any money I could have earned. Because of the deadline imposed by the artwalk, I finished the second and third of the leaf & vine triptych; revised, edited, printed and packaged my felt flower kit; embellished and wetfelted twenty-three felt balls; hung three mostly-finished-but-not-quite-done art pieces; and got back into the writing/documenting/publicizing habit that had fallen by the wayside during those lazy months after Christmas where I had no deadlines.

Now I have lots of stock to list in my etsy shop, which I will be doing systematically over the next few weeks. Each piece will be listed, one at a time, one piece per day, in order to draw out the exposure that comes from listing a new item as it tickles the etsy search engines.


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  1. 1 Natalie Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Hi Leah,

    I love your work. I have been wanting to learn felting for a little while now – do you have any upcoming classes or workshops anywhere?


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