Ruffled Again

Still can’t get off the ruffled flower kick. I brought a bunch of them to a bbq with the plan to sew the pinbacks on so I could sent out a consignment. A woman following her curious toddler asked me if I had ever sewn the flowers to barrettes. Her sister was a dancer she said, with very thick hair, and she was always looking for bold flowers to pull back her hair.


I told her confidently that yes, I did have barrettes on my flowers; and then as soon as the kids were in bed, I ordered some large and extra-large barrettes on Etsy.


This one I gave as a birthday present to a dear friend whose youngest daughter was celebrating her fifth. I’ve always thought that mothers deserve more acknowledgment at a child’s birthday party since we did all the hard work so many years ago. Shouldn’t a birthday be recognized as a birth-day?


An alligator clip was plenty for this felt lily with its pointed base. More flowers with barrettes and even elastics are on their way into my shop. My camera has been out for repair, but a little bird told me it is ready for pick up. Now all I need to do is find that dancer with luscious hair to model for me.


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