For the Birds

When I went away to the cabin in July, I had a few things I wanted to do with my time:

read some books (check, Fifty Miles to Tomorrow and When the Body Says No for me, several Roald Dahl and L.M. Montgomery for the younger set)
felt some flowers and soap (check, twelve flowers and 72 bars of soap thanks to the many helpers)
make a baby gift for my sister-in-law

As I packed, I tossed in three onesies I had bought on a whim a few weeks prior, a Michael Miller fabric remnant bought on clearance and a package of Heat ‘n Bond Lite. Not sure what to do with my supplies, I ignored the project until the last week of the vacation when suddenly inspiration hit like a bolt of lightning, as it is wont to do sometimes.

One of the girls staying at the cabin across the path from ours was wearing a t-shirt illustrated with sweet little birds. Sitting at the picnic table in front of her house, idly passing the time with a bunch of girls, I sketched a few versions of those birds.


Then it was a matter of tracing my birds onto the wrong side of the fabric plus the Heat ‘n Bond Lite, cutting out the shapes, and ironing them to the shirt. That part was done in a couple of hours after the kids were soundly asleep. Then I packed some embroidery floss and the shirts with me to the beach for several days until each bird was outlined and I had added a beak, legs and an eye  (apologies to Lisa for any smudges on the shirts – they were clean when I bought them). Ta-da! Mission accomplished.


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  1. 1 kathy Friday, September 4, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    those birds on the onesie’s are possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen!!! just perfect. i now want an adult onesie. oh wait! we have a baby boy newborn (friends) to buy for. sign me up for one of those.

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