New Work, New Space

Three months after acquiring the key to my studio in the BallardWorks building, it still feels like a brand new space, just a little more organized. With shelves installed, art framed and hung, wool and supplies stashed in baskets this place really feels like it is mine. Just about every day, several of the studio artists gather lunch upstairs in the kitchen gallery. When I need a little distraction, Nate and Marko, my nearest neighbors down the hall, are usually happy to chat about their current projects.

While I continue to juggle wholesale orders for kits, felt soaps and pebbles, I have had some free time to try new projects like creating silk paper out of tussah and bombyx silk roving. I pledged my participation in this month’s artwalk, which forced me out of my comfort zone to complete two long-shelved pieces of felt art. While it took some time for me to find my muse, it was thrilling to suddenly find the inspiration I needed to complete these pieces.

Working within a theme, I’ve made many variations of a white ruffled nunofelt scarf, altering the length, the type of silk and the position of the silk within the scarf.

Please join me this Saturday, April 9th for the Ballard ArtWalk at 2856 NW Market St on the second floor of the BallardWorks building. I am thrilled to announce the participation of my guests, Marcie Swift and Tricia Stackle, who have several pieces hung in the gallery. Marcie is a mixed-media artist whose graphic works are bold and whimsical; one of her pieces,  a Christmas present to myself, is framed above my workbench. Tricia is a talented fiber artist, furniture designer, painter and recent graduate from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. My studio will be open for visitors, as will many other studios in the building.


2 Responses to “New Work, New Space”

  1. 1 RR Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Those scarves are amazing! Wish I could come to the Art Walk…

  2. 2 Lori Wyler Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Sooo proud of you!! Cant wait to see the new digs:) Hope to chat with you on Saturday:)
    Stay present,

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