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Happy Boxing, Sledding and Scrabble Day!

Voices from the other room:

“Sophie, I’m afraid you have no words. This is the worst draw I’ve ever seen.”

“Where are the boys?” “They just went sledding”. “We should make popcorn”.


I can’t remember the last time I was this relaxed. After working, worrying, organizing, selling, packaging, tripping to the post office and working some more, the business of Christmas has passed and now we get the pleasure, the sleepy-eyed, let’s sleep a little longer, anyone want a snack, who wants to play a game pleasure of forced captivity due to inclement weather. With the exception of our trip from Seattle to Vancouver and mass on Christmas Day, we haven’t been out in our car in over a week. Bliss.

It has been ages since I had the spare parts in my brain to organize a sensible blog post. On November 28th, my felt pebbles were featured in the NY Times, Sunday Style section, Pulse Holiday Gift Guide, page 3, item 20, print and online versions. Eeek! On December 6th and 7th, I had a booth at a two day juried craft fair in Seattle at the Phinney Winter Festival and Arts Fair. Both events were fantastic: lots of attention and activity in my etsy shop, and many new friends made at the Phinney fair. Since then, I’ve had wholesale enquiries for the felt pebbles and many questions regarding the future directions for the business. Since my primary goal is to keep my hands wet in the wool, I plan to stay small but increase the quality of each individual piece, putting more planning and process into the felt items.

December 26 is known in Canada as Boxing Day, traditionally the largest shopping day of the year when retailers in all sectors slash their prices in an effort to reduce their inventory before the beginning of the new year. Since I contemplated going shopping for a camera this morning, but decided to stay inside and shop online, I’m offering a similar incentive to all the Etsy shoppers out there. The prices on all my back-inventory has been reduced to 50% of the original list price. Catch the deals while they last. As of January 1st, the old stock will come down and be put away for my next fire sale.

I hope everyone is enjoying this special quiet time to its fullest.

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