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Working a Little Warmer

This project started out as a custom order from a jewelry designer* who rents a studio just above mine. While I’ve made for several sets of seamless wrist warmers, she wanted something very specific:  a slit so she could slip her thumb through and pull the edges up to the tips of her fingers, plus elastic closures so they could stretch and flex as she worked.

Working with a handpainted merino bamboo roving from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Portland, I felted an extra sturdy rectangle of felt then cut it in half. The buttons are vintage mother-of-pearl from Beppa, right around the corner from my house and the elastic came from estate sale on lower Phinney Ridge (thanks for the tip-off Liza). I guess you could say, these gauntlets are extremely locally sourced, crafted and made.

Measures 4″ x 10″ (10cm x 25cm). Designed to fit comfortably over a shirt or a muscular arm. These gauntlets are available in my Etsy shop.

*anyone who can tell me her dog’s name will earn a $30 gift certificate in my store

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