I married a builder. Trained as a civil engineer, Lance designs roads, storm water drainage and sanitary sewer. When Lance plays, he erects lincoln log toy sky scrapers with cantilevered additions that defy gravity, he bakes truffles, and creates beautiful work in wood.


Lincoln logs are just the beginning.
1. Nested origami boxes made out of stiffened cotton fabric
2. Sea-salt crusted, garlic injected, apricot glazed, stuffed pork loin
3. Two bookshelves, large and small
4. Two beds, twin and crib size
5. Two-legged step stools
6. Intricate storage systems for the random miscellanea that fill our basement
7. Raised garden beds in two different homes
8. His father’s house in Dublin, NH
9. Spice rack
10. Laminated steel kitchen story board
11. Multi-tube toothpaste holder for bathroom vanity
12. Tropical freshwater aquatic environments
13. Long shelves for office storage
14. Refurbished park bench
15. Padded workbench with a deep shelf, and removable top covered in sailcloth
16. Stand for Arachne, the felt rolling machine
17. Niddy-noddy
18. Pipe loom and wooden shuttle

Owen is destined to follow in his footsteps. His current passions revolve around cutting wood, moving dirt, pouring water and creating mud.


Lest I be accused of gender stereotyping, Sophie is a wonder with a hammer. She is the first to remind us of the monthly Home Depot Kids’ Workshops.


However, Sophie’s tolerance for dirt, grit and noise is not great, which is why I think she is more likely to own a set of crafting tools than a set of power tools.

1 Response to “Lance Builds”

  1. 1 joniphippin Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 3:13 am

    I bought a rolling machine a month ago. I am still trying to ‘get the hang of it’ and enjoyed your blog. How are you getting on with it?

    I am going to name mine too – at the moment I just call it beast

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