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Moving Over

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Playing with Process

Now that the busiest months of the year have passed, and my business taxes are filed with the state, I have some time to experiment with materials and explore the process of feltmaking. In the fall, I’m working towards one goal: make as much as I can with a minimum of wasted time. This doesn’t leave much time for flights of fancy. When fulfilling orders in my Etsy shop, stocking my consignment accounts and filling wholesale orders, my focus is on creating a consistent product with little material or time wasted.

Now that the orders have slowed, I can indulge whimsy and fancy. Today I spent the better part of four hours carding a matted mess of partially felted rambouillet locks, turning them into fluffy clouds. This is the first layer of a larger piece of felt. At this point, I’m not sure what it will become, but I’m curious about the texture I will achieve. Let’s call this my research and development time.

As I was driving home, I noticed how the sky resembled the arrangement left behind on my workbench. These clouds were on the move, on their way to becoming something else, somewhere else, just like my tufts of roving.

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