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Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to You!

Look what greeted me as I entered my studio recently! My fab studio partner, Maude May, created this gorgeous banner to celebrate my 40th birthday.

It made my day. Now it is my pleasure to turn this into an occasion for you to celebrate. For the rest of September, enter coupon code ‘birthday’ in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off any purchase. I have several new items to list in my shop, which will be appearing in the next few days. Check out my facebook page or twitter to keep abreast of new listings.

My children keep asking me if I feel old yet, but the reality is I feel better than I ever have. In my twenties I was unhappily searching to find myself, in my thirties I was exhausted by the pressures of young motherhood. Suddenly, I feel energized and full of potential. In fact, I’ve been posing as a woman in her forties for a couple years, trying to blend in with my friends and colleagues who have the confidence, experience and street credibility to be successful. Now I can finally own my age and stand proudly.

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