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Spiders Welcome Here

After working all day to assemble a large set of Feltilocks, I decided to take a break to photograph my gorgeous pile of roving. Nothing excites me like a mess of color. Reds, golds, greens and blues all thrown in together surprise me with their combinations. I set off with my camera and a length of bamboo stacked with roving, looking for the perfect location.

As the light wasn’t ideal in the backyard, I walked around to the front where I hoped to lean the bamboo in a corner of our boxwood hedge. Have you ever walked into something right in front of your face because you were looking into the distance? Watching the children across the street, I walked through one spiderweb, then speared a second, knocking a large spider into my roving in the process.

Isn’t she gorgeous? This is a European Cross, Araneus diadematus, an appropriate name considering the pattern along the abdomen.

I was expecting to have fun photographing the felt, but tracking this speedy little spider was an unexpected bonus.

When I dreamed up the name SpiderFelt, the idea of staging a photo shoot with a live spider escaped my imagination. Who would have thought it could be so much fun? If you are out there Carrie, I was thinking of you the whole time. There may be a job as a spider wrangler somewhere in my future.

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